Zoom links for today….ENJOY…Once we get started mute your mic and turn off your camera.  Put questions in the chat and we can bring everyone on screen at the end for a discussion.

If anyone has something they would like to see for a topic or is willing to present a topic let me know.   I am lining up a bunch of college guys over the weekend for the next few weeks.  Excited to have Coach Charlton from UMaine on Monday.   I also have some 8 man stuff planned too.


2 pm John Morin – Massabesic HS—Connecting your HS and Feeder Programs

430 pm BL Lippert – Cony HS—Vertical Pass Game + RPO’s

We have 2 round tables tonight.  I will update you on what we talked about at our executive board meeting Wednesday night and we can talk about anything else you guys want to discuss….there could be a lot of us in these so probably helpful if we all mute our mics once we start and then unmute when you want to talk.
6 pm – 8 man Football
730 pm – 11 man Football
All of the clinics we have done so far are located on my You Tube page.
This includes yesterdays clinics which were GREAT….Coach McLeod on screen game, Coach Burgess on tackling, and the 8 man interview with the OOB staff.  I also finally got my clinic on jet sweep package transferred over.
No clinics this weekend.  Go to my You Tube page and catch up on one’s you have not seen.   I will email out a schedule for the entire week on Sunday and then send you an email each morning with the links for the day.
Stay safe and stay sane!

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