Mike Hathaway, Joe Rafferty and Mark Soehren all attended the classification committee meeting on Monday 3/11/19. Dan O’Connell attended by video conference. The committee reviewed the initial proposal from the football committee that was tabled at their last meeting. Gorham and Noble were left in class A and Marshwood and Skowhegan were moved back down to class B. Fryeburg and Medomak Valley were moved back to class C, both in the south. Gardiner slid to B south and Oceanside slid to C north. D and 8 man remained the same.

This proposal goes to the management committee to be voted on March 26th. If you would like to appeal your placement you should talk to your AD and have them correspond with Mike Bisson –

Management will either vote it through as is, or vote on individual appeals from schools. If those appeals are granted and some teams are moved, they are not inclined to move other teams to even numbers. They will likely be left where they are to prevent further appeals and if numbers are uneven it will encourage crossovers.

Thank you!

Executive Committee

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