2012 Frank J. Gaziano Memorial Offensive & Defensive Lineman Award

In its third year of existence this award is named after Frank J. Gaziano who was an outstanding offensive and defensive lineman at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels.  Frank’s athleticism, scholarship, and community service are used as guidelines for selection of the recipients.  Players from all football playing schools in the state are eligible for nomination.  Memebers of the selection committee are state-wide.

Special thanks to:
Peter DeSimon – President of the Frank J. Gaziano Lineman Awards
Jeff Kane – President of National Distributors
Judy Gaziano Kane – Daughter of Frank J. Gaziano
Jill Gaziano Mitchell – Daughter of Frank J. Gaziano

These people have made it possible through very generous financial support and backing in establishing the foundation and existence of the Frank J. Gaziano Lineman Awards.  The scholarship consists of $5000 each for the 1st place recipients and $1000 each for the 4 runners up and are the largest of any such scholarship program in the United States.

2012 Gaziano Winners

31 Total Nominations
10 Offensive Finalists
8 Defensive Finalists


1st Place $5000 Scholarship – Bobby Begin – Thornton Academy – Head Coach Kevin Kezal

Runners Up $1000 Scholarships – Andy Martel – Bonny Eagle – Head Coach Kevin Cooper and Jack Lucy – Orono – Head Coach Bob Sinclair


1st Place $5000 Scholarship – Kurt Massey – John Bapst – Head Coach Dan O’Connell

Runners Up $1000 Scholarships – Gregg Duff – Bangor High School – Head Coach Mark Hackett and Zach Kendall – Mt. Blue – Head Coach Gary Parlin

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